In person meeting with your core development teams in order to know your industry, pain point and goals.

We focus on two aspects:

Making an assessment of your company's relationship with the multicultural market.

Locating opportunities of engagement to expand your company's global presence.

14 years of journalistic experience and data analysis provides us with the best approach to get the right information from the right people.

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Our team of individuals and partners stand as our best asset.

This network of decision makers, leaders and influencers complement our vision in helping drive forward your company's growth and reach.


Planeta Marketing Lab goes beyond just identifying marketing opportunities for your company.

We believe in driving forth social change through engagement with the market, so companies can get involved in making a difference in people’s lives.

We spread the word about your targeted strategy using our hyper-local media contacts that resonate within the multicultural community.

You will receive a case study with results, insights and recommendations.

Our goal is paving the way for your organizational success.