The idea of “disruptive innovation” is easier to apply in tangible goods. However, the concept of “disruptive thinking” can take more than decades to materialize. In our case, we believe in the power of incremental change.

Years of massive immigration waves and social changes, have paved the way for the concept of multicultural education. While this movement started in the academia back in the 70’s, we believe in the power of multicultural content integration in the business world.

For over 14 years we have applied this methodology and way of being. Through content, we have been able to develop relationships with a forever-changing market.

Over time, we became the voice of a first, second, third and fourth generation of immigrants that have increased their purchasing power and their place in today’s society.

Knowing the racial breakdown of the US is not enough. To understand this market, you need to know their own pain points, their needs and the value placed on their roots and reality.

14 years of content and direct contact with these multicultural communities allows us to transform these seemingly theoretical and abstract concepts into concrete ideas to help grow your business.

We use a customer-centric approach in our multicultural content integration to create opportunities for your brand.

For that, we need to identify your company's pain points, blind spots, and work directly with your core teams: product development, product marketing, sales, business development, public relationships and more.